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Instant Oil Change

Get your oil change in Mason City at Hosmer Honda!  NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!  We offer both conventional and synthetic oil changes.

All of our oil changes include:
FREE – 27 Multi-Point Inspection
FREE – Alignment Check
FREE – Hand Wash and Vacuum

Properties of Convention Oil

Conventional motor oil has properties that provide lubrication at high temperatures and maintains its stability over long periods of time.  Conventional oil is a lubricant that is derived directly from crude oil.

It is more affordable and is the standard for motor oil use.

Why Consider Synthetic

The synthetic oil actually starts out as convention oil then its protective and lubricant properties are enhanced.  Although slightly more expensive there are some benefits to consider regarding running synthetic oil in your vehicle.

Better Lubrication – Added lubricants help keep engine parts slick therefore decreasing the amount of wear over time.

Break Down of Oil – Many synthetic oils do not need to be changed as often as conventional oils.  The durable properties of synthetic oil mean that your engine is more protected till the next time you are due for service.

Fewer Deposits – Conventional oils can often leave deposits on engine components, especially common in engines that run for long periods of time and/or are driven hard. Once conventional oil breaks down, it can stick to different surfaces in the engine. Synthetic oils are less apt to do this.

These are some of the benefits of synthetic oils they are in no way required or necessary to keep your vehicle in good running condition.  If you have more questions about the different kinds of oils we offer and the benefits of either please feel free to call and speak with one of our Assistant Service Managers at (877) 360-9306.

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